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"There is, at bottom, only one problem in the world, and this is it's name. How does one break through? How does one get into the open? How does one burst the cocoon and become a butterfly?"
- Thomas Mann

Being Transgendered is Hard...
But It Doesn’t Have To Be!

Kimball Jane Sargent is a gender therapist who enjoys working with Cross Dressers, Transwomen and Transmen. She knows being transgender does not mean being mentally ill. Being transgender usually means that a person has spent his/her entire life alone with no one knowing who they really are. Kimball enjoys being a "safe," non-threatening, supportive person to whom anyone can talk to about who he/she really is, often for the first time in his/her life. Seeing someone sit with her and experiencing the trust and the reassurance he/she needs to talk about his/her true identity for the first time is what she enjoys most about her work. Kimball says, "When you come into my office, you will be accepted for the person you have always known yourself to be." Kimball sees gender issues as being family issues, as well as their being very personal issues. She tries to help each person who comes to her find a way to deal with his/her gender issues in a manner that his/her family and friends will be able to understand. Kimball tries to help family members so that they can provide the love and support that each transgender person deserves, as he/she makes whatever type of decisions about leading an authentic life that he/she needs to make. She created this web site to help educate people about transgender issues, and most importantly, to provide some hope and guidance for both the transgender and his/her families.


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